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Lança pertencente a "Lugal", rei de Kish.

The history of Mesopotamia runs strong from the middle of the 4th millennium BCE, lasting a good 3,000 years.

This picture of this man and woman fits this category of early Mesopotamia time because of the skirt the male is wearing and the wrapped dress the female is wearing

A Sumerian king and an official

Gilgamesh - Mesopotamia

Cuneiform, 3000 BCE Cuneiform writing from 3000 BC (Louve)

Who Was the First Named Human?


Astrology Astronomy in Iran and Ancient Mesopotamia: Astrolabe: An Ancient Astronomical Instrument

Sumerians developed the world's first astronomical signs. The technology and culture levels of Sumerians were so highly advanced that they divided the year into 12 months, month into 30 days, day into two 12 hours, hour into 60 minutes and minute into 60 seconds.

The "standard" of Ur. Mesopotamia c.9000 years ago. Wood, shell, lapis lazuli, and red limestone. One side represents peace, the other, war.