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Prayers are with all involved in Paris... What is this world coming to #prayforparis

FOLLOWERS IN FRANCE: I'm praying for you all. Today...and probably the next few weeks are going to be hard. I know you all can get through this. You're strong, and I know you can overcome this. I'm sorry that you're hurting...and I wish I could somehow send a whole bunch of love and puppies to you. If you need anyone to message, I'm here. Hang in there, guys. /:) You are loved, and soon, this hell will come to an end. Until then, keep being strong for us.❤️

the tricolor flag of France. The national motto of France is liberté, egalité, fraternité.

#Paris #13novembre2015 #jesuisParis

#prayforparis my heart goes to everyone who is in Paris right now. It's heartbreaking to know that someone would do such things to innocent people. What did they do wrong? Attack after attack after attack. Stay safe everyone. All around the globe

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God is everywhere. Lord I pray for healing over the many souls affected by this tragic attack. Everyday we loose people to acts of violence. Please be with the souls who are aching over the actions of others. I pray you answer us individually to give us peace and knowledge of what is happening. In Jesus name, Amen.

For all of you who don't know, Paris was attacked by terrorists last night at 9pm. At least 128 people are confirmed dead, after a bombing at a football stadium, an attack in a restaurant and an attack in the bataclan.

Stay strong Paris! The whole world stands with you #jesuisparis ❤️ #prayforparis

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B.C. sends prayers via social media to Paris following attacks

This image of Paris's Eiffel Tower as the peace symbol was widely circulated across social media on Friday night.

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Responding To The Paris Terror Attacks

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