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Prayers are with all involved in Paris... What is this world coming to #prayforparis

Be it a gorgeous cityscape, an overflow of culture, or pastries that make your heart sing, the world’s most romantic cities offer plenty to love, whether you’ve found a match or are merely looking to let some sparks fly. Europe is commonly considered to be home to some of the world’s most romantic cities – from Paris to Prague, there’s something for every hopeless romantic.

Paris, France The City of Light needs no introduction. It is the most romantic and the best honeymoon place in the world. Spend your days sipping on fabulous wine at a cafe, walking hand in hand around the Eiffel Tower or strolling the city’s cobbled streets. An epitome of romance, come here for a honeymoon you have always dreamed of.

Bella Hadid wrote that she was praying for her 'favorite place in the world'. 'We are witnessing so much devastation around the world,' she wrote in her Instagram caption. 'I love you all and am thinking of you'

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Paris we love you and stand with you!! let's also remember the rest of the world. "We should not just pray for Paris. We should pray for the world. A world in which Beirut reeling from bombings two days before Paris is not covered in the press. A world in which a bomb goes off in Baghdad and not one person's status update says pray for Baghdad because we think it is okay and normal in that part of the world. Pray for the world that blames a refugees crisis for a terrorist attack. A world…

This is absolutely heart breaking! Prayers for everyone! This world is becoming a nightmare!

prayers for paris | One gunman is said to have shouted that it is for Syria, while other ...

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Pray for Paris!

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