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Explora História Negra, Jpg e outros!

A História Negra da Europa repete-se #Germany #Finland #Greece #Euro #Grexit #Thisisacoupe

It is a beautiful thought, unfortunately Jk has proven that she herself is racist/prejudiced and should stop. Ilvermorny houses (stolen from various Native American tribes, and magic school was founded by WHITE PEOPLE WHO CAME TO AMERICA!), and Fantastic Beasts movie (no black people/poc in Harlem in the 1920's).

Viva la revolucion! Spent his whole life fighting capitalism, and then dies on Black Friday! LOL!!! #Lenin #Liberallogic #Socialismsucks #Stalin #Stupiddemocrats

So the government can waste thousands of gallons of water hosing natives but children in Flint can't even get a bath tub full of clean water.

The truth is they just don't want us to protest at all, they want us to remain silent.

“You’re letting them distract you. IT ISN’T THE VOTES. The goal is to the nullify the electoral votes by making the states miss the deadline.”