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Só Jesus salva? “Walking Dead” mostra Maggie poderosa e beijo tão esperado

Só Jesus salva? "Walking Dead" mostra Maggie poderosa e beijo tão esperado #Fox, #Grupo, #M, #Morte, #Novo, #Sasha, #TheWalkingDead, #Viva, #Zumbi

Check out my new PixTeller design! :: Só jesus salva (atos 4:12)

Soul Mythology: Christian hell - Who Shall be Saved? The Lord's Prayer after Nostra Aetate. The Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans and other nonbelievers always rejected the belief in Jesus as the son of God, so Jesus has had no choice but to send billions to burn in hell for eternity... Christians go to the Muslim hell for their horrific idolatry, their “shirk” - their absurd, criminal belief in the Trinity. The merciful Allah does not forgive such a heinous crime of sharing the throne with…

Witness of a Lunatic God "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel, not to the dogs.” - Jesus "If God almighty does such things to us (burdening us with original sin) He may be described as a lunatic." - Ahmed Deedat. "The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum." - Havelock Ellis…

Sectarian Dogmas - Trinity, Shirk, Hell: "Regardless of your religious label, you fall into one of these two groups: Christ-centered religion, or man-centered religion." -DAN DELZELL, pastor of Lutheran Church in Neb. Holocaust Haggadah: Deicide! "Religious Liberty Is Not Freedom from Ridicule."

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One Country Saved Its Jews. Were They Just Better People?

Holocaust Haggadah: Denmark in the Holocaust - The nation in question was imagined in civic terms rather than ethnic terms. >Einstein on the Abrahamic idolatries: The worship of false gods such as Yahweh is not only “unworthy but also fatal", with "incalculable harm to human progress." > > Jesus or Jefferson: whose laws are best for the USA? Holy Heretic poll:

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Gratitude Journal Prompts

An attitude of gratitude starts here. Start with this 30 days of gratitude guide to reset your mind and inspire posititvity.

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LDS Come Follow Me Lesson and Mutual Ideas August 2014: Marriage and Family

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