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Miniature of a Raising Sun and a Black Sun (Sol Niger) setting on the outskirts of a city from ‘Splendor Solis’ (The Splendour of the Sun) a German illuminated alchemical treatise , dated 1582


The Ripley Scroll-Ancient Alchemical Text

The Ripley Scroll-Ancient Alchemical Text

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The 12 Universal Laws and How They Work

The Law of Divine Oneness – We live in a world where everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else.  Every single thing we are doing, saying, thinking and believing eff…

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Promenade Gown

EXCERPT: In the mid 1800s, a series of six related tapestries depicting the nobility in everyday pursuits was discovered in a French chateau. Subsequent studies have dated the series, now called “La Tenture de la vie Seigneuriale” (scenes from lordly life), to the early 16th Century, approximately 1500-1520. This figure is from the tapestry known as “La Promenade” (the walk).

Céu do dia - 19.05.2016 - Quinta-feira dia de Júpiter Buenos! Hoje a lua já está caminhando pelo signo do escorpião na via combusta temos fogo e temos lua no signo que vênus tem seu exílio. A moça por sua vez se aproxima de Algol a estrela da decapitação. Hoje chove aqui em SP e o dia está com cara de edredon ou caverna aquela que o bichinho pequeno cujo veneno pode ser letal gosta de ficar. Hoje ainda estamos com mercúrio retrogradando em Touro trazendo as memórias sensoriais e também…

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Mandala Research/Inspiration

Tibetan Peace Mandala

This one time I painted a living room with a girl. This was a handful of years back. It was before the huge, flame-out of a breakup. That day, though? That day we painted the living room? It was pretty uneventful. We painted my parents living room for $50 between us and a pizza. That was it. I think we watched Anchorman or something after that. But it still holds as on of the most indelible memories I have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not still in love, it happened, it was go...