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Trilhando Autonomia é o caminho que cada um segue em busca de conhecer a si mesmo, que não tem receitas prontas, mas possibilidades de se perceber, para se desenvolver e fazer escolhas mais condizentes com o que sente bem para si, quer e acredita.

Você não fracassa quando você cai. Você fracassa quando se recusa a levantar…

Want to help your client focus in on the things they love and ditch the things they love, in both work and play? Use this self-discovery tool to get them there.

Want to help your clients set compelling and meaningful goals and understand their bigger picture? Help them prioritize what they need to start doing now to achieve their 10 year goals with this useful exercise.

When you write this page, think about what visitors may want to know about you. Who are you? Why are you writing this blog? What are your credentials? How do you know about the subject of your blog? Quick Tips for Creating An Awesome About Me Page - Blogelina

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Why Using Cash Only Is Crucial When Getting Out of Debt

Cash is King! I heard this phrase often from my father's business friends. They understood the importance of cash. Getting a customer to pay in cash, in full was priceless to them. Today, in a world that literally revolves around credit, cash is still an important tool for managing ones' personal finances. In fact, if you're in debt and this year you're considering doing something significant to reduce your debt and pay off your creditors, you'll want to make this one significant change.

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Top 30 BestFriend Quotes and Friendship Pictures

Can't believe how many years it's been! I'm so excited about our plans finally becoming a reality! Love you!

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8 inspiring tricks for becoming a more confident woman

Don't quite agree with the "tricks" part of the title, but good advice. Also, not advice for being confident, but to make life what you want

Quer vencer? Prove a sí mesmo que você PODE!!!!