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And this is actually a more conservative figure. Source: #cowspiracy #livestock #earth #environment #environmental

Just a few sobering facts about what we dispose of in our environment. #recycle #biodegrade

How much impact does one person have on the environment? Check out these surprising facts on what resources we use during our lifetime.

Sure wish they would stop cutting trees down!


Republicans made Trump a political star. They don't deserve sympathy now.

Trump is a direct reflection of the Republican Party, impervious to the truth regardless of the facts. Obama, women and climate change are all denied as relevant by republicans. Their history of congressional laws passed disregarding women, the environment and our nation is disgusting. Giving tax cuts for offshoring jobs, refusing to pass spending bills for our nations highways and bridges but giving massive tax cuts to the rich and their corporations.

People don't seem to grasp the FACT that, because they're a cornerstone species, if bees die out or their population drops below a certain level, they will be taking HUNDREDS of plant species with them! Including food crops!

Reasons you should give up eating Meat today #Infographics

Reasons you should give up eating Meat today #Infographics

FROSTY - A1092913 - - Staten Island ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/18/16***RARE THIRD CHANCE FOR FROSTY WHO IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY BUT SAD AND AFRAID SINCE SHE WAS BROUGHT TO THE SHELTER…..FROSTY’s owner said she brought FROSTY in due to personal issues – and the ACC also said owner was sick. Whether or now we believe this to be true, the fact of the matter remains that FROSTY is now afraid and being punished with death for her fear. She is unhappy at the shelter be

Great infographic discussing with amazing stats! Start recycling today with

we need more Infographics like this to RE-educate about the environment and the solid waste stream. This is how we Change our future