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Vegvisir tem o poder de proteger as pessoas que viajam por águas desconhecidas, e deve ser desenhado com seu próprio sangue em um pedaço de couro. Antes de sair para as jornadas, deve ser pressionado na testa, entre os olhos, para que o viajante não se perca no seu caminho.

Trollrunor, lönnrunor or rungaldrar, runes used for magic purposes (haven't checked how correct the info is, there's a lot of modern hocus pocus mixed in many of the guides or chart you find. Know ginfaxi was used by glima wrestlers. Aegishjálmur is probably the best known, but sadly claimed by neo nazi groups today, kind of like the Thor's hammer was in the 90's.)

I really like this because it's like how a family should work. Viking family, hell yeah!

Runes - Viking Alphabet. My persona would not have used this, but it's still nifty!

Proportions - The Eye of Horus was believed to have healing and protective power, and it was used as a protective amulet, and as a medical measuring device, using the mathematical proportions of the eye to determine the proportions of ingredients in medical preparations) to prepare medications. It's also where we get our Px prescription symbol from.

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This one is so striking, manly; perfect to represent my husband. Would like to incorporate a compass in his chest maybe