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My yoga practice started a few years ago as I was searching for cross training options. Like so many who come to yoga simply seeking fitness, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, nor did I have even an inkling of the impact that yoga would have on my life both personally and professionally. As my practice developed, yoga’s influence allowed me to weave together the threads of my various educational degrees and past professional endeavors into a meaningful focus. Realizing all of the…

Welcome to Azima world. All the art objects has created from my daughter Elisavet, she paints from the age of 2,5 years old. Now she 7,5 years old. My husband Dimitris is a photografer and me Azima an interior design. Zorbas is an idea still alive in Greece, lets explore it together! Love Life Laugh! Namaste!!! @society6

You love yoga. You love spending time with your children. So why not combine the two and do yoga together? These partner yoga poses are perfect for all ages; you'll just need to modify them depending on your child's ability and attention span. Have fun!

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Which Chewing Gum Brands and Flavors Are Gluten-Free? (Oh my goodness...I can still have Big Red and Hubba Bubba!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!)

The Single Most Important Exercise for You and Your Children ~ This was in the RA listing of acceptable exercises. I say start slow and carefully and keep improving. I'm going to see if my husband will do this with me daily. Just this one exercise may make all the difference in staying younger!

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The abdominal muscles are arranged in a basket weave fashion and doing planks makes all of these muscles work together. A strong core will also minimize lower back pain. Plank exercises strengthens your arms and wrists, stretches and strengthens your spine and provides a sense of balance and stability. When you want to increase the intensity when doing a side plank, do a side plank with a leg lift.

Yoga and: For diastasis recti you want to focus on poses, that help bring the muscles of the abdomen back together. So the internal actions of tadasana are most useful to apply in all poses. Internally rotation of the thighs in conjunction with moving the sacrum forward, lengthening the tailbone down, while drawing the bottom ribs away from the hips are the actions of focus. These should be applied and emphasized in poses like Parsvotanasana, Parvritta trionasana and plank pose.

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