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Com José Carlos da SCA na Festa da Abraccio Jundiaí,28/01/14

Sekanjabin recipes. It's basically Medieval Arabic Gatorade, only it tastes better. Make the syrup, infuse it with herbs like mint or ginger, dilute it with water and/or fruit juices, and you have the ideal drink for hot days and outdoor activities.

Gjord av Helena Staberg. "Växtfärgat garn som mamma vävde i gåsögon åt mig. Brickvävde hängslen, sydde snörhål och påtade snörningssnodd i restgarner. Brickvävde dekorationsband i andra växtfärgade garner."

iWax Tablets to disguise your smartphone while you're in #SCA garb. Brilliant!

Period Dice and explanation on how to make them.

Veil Instructions by ~eqos on deviantART

Largesse,idea's for thing's to make as gift's to give at sca events, xmas, or birthday, teacher etc.....

Fortune Favors... The 3 Hour Chiton How to make a quick and easy Greek chiton or Roman stola for hot weather garb at SCA events.