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In the mid 20th century, Francisco Artigas was one of the best known architects in Mexico. Today he is largely unknown. It's time for a fresh look.

HANSEL - A1093186 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/23/16 A volunteer writes: You might be drawn in initially by Hansel’s good looks, but it’s her personality that really seals the deal. Hansel likes to cuddle, give kisses, and explore her surroundings–she’s very curious about everything (much like her namesake) and enjoys chasing her tennis ball as much as she likes sitting down and closely observing everything that’s happening ar

JUANCHO - A1092479 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 10/16/16 *** A SECOND CHANCE TONIGHT FOR NATI BUT NOW SHE IS JOINED TONIGHT WITH 2 MORE KITTEN FRIENDS – JUANCHO AND SHIRLEY!! LOOK AT THESE LITTLE KITTENS!! Just looking to be loved!!…NATI is 9 weeks old but she is under the 2 lb weight limit for public adoption. So she needs to be pulled by a New Hope rescue. JUANCHO and SHIRLEY are on the public adoption site because they are a tad older. Both JUANCHO and S

"Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you strong." ~ Unknown ॐ lis

Céline Spring 2017 RTW

Céline Spring 2017 RTW

Unknown insect bite! My arm had a huge red spot the size of a plum with a raised up, dark red oozey middle the size of a pea. Looked like a bull's-eye. It was itching and burning like crazy. Basil, a natural antiseptic and neutralizer and Purification, to detox the venom and reduce itching. Within 30 minutes the redness was reduced by a good 75% and the itching completely stopped. Unbelievable and amazing! #younglivingessentialoils #insectbite

de 男前研究所

ライダースジャケット 着こなし メンズ【最新】


Artist: Choi Yongjae aka indus - Title: Unknown - Card: Looking Glass Alice (Plundering)

Lily Luna Potter mastered the Patronus charm in her second year because she was afraid of dementors. It wasn’t until a few years later when she was with Harry, Hermione, and Ron that they finally saw her Patronus that looked like Padfoot for the first time. When she eventually married a boy from Durmstrang that was like Sirius Black in both looks and personality the Golden Trio wasn’t surprised. However, for a while they did wonder if he was an unknown descendant of Sirius Black. submitted…