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I love this so much though!!!!

Love that face! lol I'd forgive him... Once Upon a Time - Hook/Belle

Emma Swan and Captain Hook - Once Upon a Time. Not sure I ship it yet but I love Emma's outfit!

Comic-Con 2012: Once Upon a Time Scoop

ONCE UPON A TIME, JOSH DALLAS, GINNIFER GOODWIN...<3 them together in the show and in real life

Life And Style on Etsy

This! My beautiful Elsa was isolated, shut out, and had no experience dealing with people. Then one day, she met me, and I was dying to know why she was so quiet. I begged her to look at me and talk to me. She wouldn't. Her blocked walls only brought me closer to her. I didn't give up. Then she gradually started talking to me, and it was beautiful. That's when I knew...she wanted me, and she loved me. :)

Sheldon the tiny dinosaur that thinks he’s a turtle, meets Shelby, the worm that lives in Jake’s Viola. I’m on a bit of an...

Oliver & Sara in #LegendsofTomorrow #Season2 #2x07 - Crossover Part 3!

Once Upon a Time Behind the Scenes Can we just talk about the fact that these two are married in real life too and this is probably real? Okay. Bye.

Every single time i saw this, i was thinking that jungkook love his hyungs so much. he might looks like evil maknae or maknae on top, but actually his not like that, he just having fun with his hyungs.