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GLM G4: A agradável e eletrizante surpresa do Salão de Paris

The electric automaker, which is already working with Panasonic to produce car batteries, wants to start production of photovoltaic components at the SolarCity factory in Buffalo as soon as next year.

The Hole http://youtu.be/Mgo7HXxd514 On this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives the boys start off by talking about how according to Massachusetts-based Terrafugia a full-size unmanned prototype is expected to be ready by 2018. The firms concept car has fold-out wings with twin electric motors attached to each end. These motors allow the TF-X to move from a vertical to a horizontal position and will be powered by a 300 horsepower engine. Thrust will be provided by a ducted fan and the…

What we’re looking at here is the end of an era. The date is May 31st, 1953…

The AMG Series also boasts high performance from pipe to hood ornament.

Mercedes Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid Review

BMW i8 pricing comes as no surprise for the fans of the electric Bavarian unit due to the use of many improvements and top notch technologies.

Japan has more car chargers than gas stations | The Japan Times

DS shocked Geneva with their surprise supercar

Sempre que a Apple prepara um novo equipamento, debaixo do maior secretismo, é normal surgirem rumores associados. Estes rumores vêm sempre acompanhados por supostas imagens dessas novidades, sempre sem a confirmação da Apple ou...

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