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Islamic architecture----I wish everything looked liked this...the again, if it were so typical, I probably would appreciate its beauty less....MAYBE.

Beauty Mosque Persia

Sumbul Efendi Cami ic kubbe

Fana’: Sufism’s Notion of Self-Annihilation, or How Rumi Can Explain Why Nirvana is Samsara in Mahayana Buddhism

Fana': Sufism's Notion of Self-Annihilation, or How Rumi Can ...

"The Arabs never liked the Persians. Everyone knows that. They attacked us 1400 years ago. They forced their religion on us." - Marjan Satrapi

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50+ Mesmerizing Mosque Ceilings That Highlight The Wonders Of Islamic Architecture

Mosques throughout the Muslim world have some of the most intricate and exquisite architecture ever created by mankind. There’s too much amazing architecture in them to cover in just one post, so we decided to focus simply on the mosque’s ceilings – something the faithful might see when they look up to the heavens. These …