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VIDEO: show your body some love with this energizing heart opening sequence. i have very tight & rolled forward shoulders so backbends never come easy to me, but that's fine. what matters is finding that space that feels good to you, regardless of what it looks like. find that feel good space for yourself, open up & let love come through, not judgement. find the slightly slower & full video at www.bewellyogalifestyle.com. #igniteyourfeelgood #yogaeverydamnday

Tree pose w/ the redwood trees in the SF Botanical Garden #yoga #treepose

Yoga Sequence For Tight Shoulders Check out Dieting Digest

Inhale. Exhale. Pausing to pay attention to subtleties creates conscious space for something new in your yoga practice, your workout and your life.

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VIDEO: on your ass sequence. tired? stressed? hungover? new to yoga? www.bewellyogalifestyle.com #igniteyourfeelgood #yogaeverydamnday

14 Mother-Daughter yoga poses :) https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/these-14-mother-daughter-yoga-photos-are-truly-102033874078.html

A cool collection of yoga finds on Etsy.

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