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Guerreiros do castro de Lezenho, Portugal

Anniversary of the defeat of Palmares and the death of its leader, Ganga Zumba; Brazil; February 6; The autonomous republic of Palmares, consisting of up to 10 communities inhabited by escaped African slaves, flourished in the interior of Alagoas State, 1630-94. Palmares became a scandal to the Portuguese, and they launched 6 expeditions against it, 1680-86; the last succeeded, and on Feb. 6, 1686, the republic fell and its leader was killed.

Achemenid Persian heavy cavalry cataphract, 6th-5th cent. B.C.

Centurion of the XXth Legion, time of the Julio-Claudian dynasty

Mighty Templar kneeling before the battle with the captain flag in hand More

We give girls a false understanding of beauty when we only present the supermodels in our media. We make them feel inadequate for not being a prettyface goddess.

Commission - Fenrir Maugrim by on @DeviantArt

Roman soldiers, arms and armor

The Battle of Grunwald or First Battle of Tannenberg or Battle of Žalgiris was fought on 15 July 1410. The battle was one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe and is regarded as the most important victory in the history of Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.

Legio VI - Bellegarde 2011 (Photo by D. Freschet)