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Petition · People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): China: Huo Jia Lu, uma das especiarias mais cruéis que existe ·

Petition - Ban eating of CAT MEAT in Peru!! PLEASE SIGN & SHARE! The killing…

Sign the petition to ban the trade of dogs in China

Demand justice for a dog that was shot and tied to railway tracks because it would not fight

We all experience joy, love, pain, and suffering.


Please sign at the bottom of the petition! Demand better conditions... #Pinnawala #SriLanka …

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A Fur-ry Situation

PETA did an investigation and found that cats, dogs, and puppies are routinely used to make fur products. Here are some disturbing facts: PETA got actual footage of cats and dogs hung up by their legs and tails and had the fur peeled from their flesh while they were alive! Once they were stripped, their bleeding bodies are tossed into a pile with other bodies, where the animals’ hearts were still beating and they were still gasping for life for up to five minutes! OMG I may be OVER FASHION!