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Petition · People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): China: Huo Jia Lu, uma das especiarias mais cruéis que existe ·

PETITION Let's end animal testing and vivisection

LORD HAVE MERCY BECAUSE "HUMANITY" DOES NOT! THIS TRAUMATIZED CHINCHILLA WAS "FLAYED" FOR HER FUR...and is in shock, but will still have to live in agony for 10 more minutes, before she dies! ENOUGH OF THIS BRUTAL SAVAGERY! PLZ Sign and Share!

End Gadhimai: The World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice

Pains me to look at this picture. Can only hope some kind human scooped up this dog and gave it a loving home.

Please examine what you have been taught to tolerate by a society which normalizes the use and exploitation of non human animals. Millions of vegans are proof that you don't need to kill others to thrive and be healthy. Reason to be #vegan.

Look at the pain and despair on his face. His only life was carrying loads so haevy that it broke his little body. Often they are whipped and beaten to get back on their feet. Help rescue horses and donkeys from abuse: This organization is doing a wonderful job, please check them out and be an advocate for the innocent.

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Mieres City Council: Ban on animal circuses in Mieres | Animal circuses are cruel and inhumane shows. These poor animals suffer throughout their life as show animals. They suffer psychologically because of their living conditions and begin to suffer stereotypy, a common disease in caged animals. Click for details and please SIGN and share petition. Thanks.