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I need these at my birthday party

It's Not Happening

If it require a bra, make-up and pants it's not happening!

Candy for Gaster by on @DeviantArt

The only thing i really relized with this is that that hat he weres is in very high supplies in dippers honetown or when he lost a hat he had thought his years he grew no attachment to it and thought "forget that old hat that was apart of masking my birthmark though out my childhood. The pine tree is more marketable."

Undertale: The magic seven by StrikeYoko

xtale, underverse, crosssans, undertale, underswap

xtale, underverse, crosssans, undertale, underswap

Dollhouse by on @DeviantArt

tumblr gets smooth af

Tumblr Smooth As Fu*k

tumblr gets smooth af