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azulo e amarelo - lobão

happy fellow - American Yellow Finch - Henry Domke

yellow rain jacket on a rainy day

Magical Bokeh Touch On Photographs

The Scientist- Coldplay. Oh if only we could. The first time we kissed....I felt it everywhere. Take me back there...

Your eyes whisper "have we met?" Cross the room your silhouette starts to make it's way to me

swimming memes | the songs the most. And sometimes I have conversations with myself

#photography # black/white with a splash of color

Unknown- This photograph also connects to nature which I have been wanting to include into my photography as well as the human body. I love the use of the bright yellow in this photograph as its created a soft feeling to the photograph.

X - Files from the village #Uganda By Denis Wabuyi Monday It is an interesting thing when Mzei drinks during the day and comes back home early. You just know that he is going to treat you to his life stories. The most interesting story was his first day at Nabumali Boys. When I was going to boarding for the very first time our father gave me his katso or tunic. He told me it would act as my nightwear. That was great honour to share a cloth with father. When I reached school I was…

#Parenting: The most noble job in life View on YouTube The other day Tashaboo jumped off the yellow school bus and half ran up the driveway (a quarter of a kilometer). We no longer let Theodore go to the bus. This dog used to run into the bus to greet Rheal and the other kids. We have learned some things about Natasha. If she does not pet her dog and cat it means she had a bad day at school. So on this particular day she headed straight to the piano. We were afraid to ask about what had…