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Massagem modeladora: melhora circulação e aspecto do corpo

A massagem modeladora ajuda a ativar o metabolismo local e a circulação. Conheça os benefícios e usos da massagem modeladora.

Seven Ways to Help Your Child Love Reading

Great tips from a children's librarian on how to foster a love of reading in you kids. Pin now, reference often.

Spice Up Your Relationship With This 30-Day Challenge

30-Day Relationship Challenge | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Alimentos que Ajudam o Cabelo a Crescer

'When I joined, he didn't really know how to play the guitar. He had a little guitar with three strings on it that looked like a banjo, I put the six strings on and showed him all the chords - it was actually me who got him playing the guitar. He didn't object to that, being taught by someone who was the baby of the group. John and I had a very good relationship from very early on.” George Harrison testimony about his relationship with John Lennon

Battlefield 1: History never felt so good (review) Battlefield is a series that has been near and dear to my hear for quite some time. To say that Im a fan is an understatement as Ive played almost every iteration of the series (I didnt enjoy Battlefield 2142 very much). I mean were talking from Battlefield 1942 and the Desert Combat mod all the way until Battlefield 4 and Hardline and thats still counting the Modern Combat that released on Xbox and its resubmission/remaster on the Xbox…

It's Not All About You: What Privacy Advocates Don't Get About Data Tracking on the Web

Most of us, myself included, have not come to terms with what it means to "be the product." In searching for a framework to make sense of this new dynamic, often we rely on well established pre-digital notions of privacy. The privacy discourse frames the issue in an ego-centric manner, as a bargain between consumers and companies: the company will know x, y and z about me and in exchange I get free email, good recommendations, and a plethora of convenient services. But the bargain that we…

A reliable SMSF specialist or advisor should have the experience and the knowledge regarding all details involved in managing super funds. Your SMSF advisor should be able to also advise you about the right way to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Óleo de argan: saiba tudo sobre esse óleo natural para tratamento dos cabelos e da pele

O óleo de Argan inicial era muito indicado para os cabelos, mas recentemente descobriu-se também sua eficácia para o tratamento da pele. Confira os benefícios que ele traz para a saúde dos cabelos e da pele... Confira!

We are going to show you a little timeline about some immediate effects if you quit smoking right now and how it’s going to affect your body. In our opinion, one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to quit smoking is because all the good things and all the bad things of continuing seem to be very far away. Here is the “what if you quit smoking right now?” timeline: Your blood pressure will normalize in 20 minutes. Carbon monoxide levels in your blood stream will drop by half and oxygen…