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Diannus do Nemi | Artes e Paganismo: Filme O Labirinto do Fauno (2006) e seu simbolismo iniciático.


Tarot card, Six of Swords, River Styx

Satan, of a thousand faces, who walks on water, the Morning Star, the snake, the knower of all wisdom, the king of the underworld, which dominates in hell, whose throne is in the ocean. Enki, king of abzu. Erasmus Francisci, Der Höllische Proteus, 1695 http://36.media.tumblr.com/fa2f22ed1f5b27ae00a594e7d8d6aa22/tumblr_noegquIeyT1sdtln4o1_500.jpg

Detail of the 'Labyrinth of Avarice, :' an engraved illustration from Del Bene's 'Civitas Veri.'

The Ogham Grove is formed of the twenty traditional ogham trees placed in their correct sequence. READ: http://www.yurileitch.co.uk/id64.html

catching moons

«Laborinthus dicebatur domus dedali» [The labyrinth is called the house of Daedalus."] Codicis Theodosiani libri sexdecim..., c. 801-900, Latin 4416, f. 35r, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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