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For me, giving birth to my first child was as much the birth of this new person I would become. I can vividly remember the high I felt after the doctor delivered my son and placed him on my chest. Being in complete awe of this little human, but also of my body that knew exactly what to do and did it so well.  As a new mother I remember questioning everything, second guessing myself, wondering if I was doing motherhood right.

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Beckett Top

The Beckett Top

Dramatically draped with eucalyptus and camellia foliage, a leafy chandelier was the indisputable showpiece of the shoot. Suspended above the tabletop, it complemented rather than overwhelmed the centerpiece beneath it. | Photo by Deborah Zoe

Classic Organic Wedding Of Zoe And Matthew by Terralogical - 001

good example of mark weight & density change/transition, resulting in line diversity & illusion of multiple values/tones. Cutting by Zoé Ouvrieri

New Treehouses of the World: Pete Nelson: 9780810996328: Books