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Day 12 of #30daystominimal: sentimental items. This one is very personal. The question I ask is whether or not things from the past, add value to the present. If they do, I try to display them somewhere I'll see them all the time.

Are you ready? Here's the first #minimalismtip in the #30daystominimal series! Start with the closet. Be ruthless! Remember: you're clearing out things you like so that you're left only with things you LOVE!

Day 17 of #30daystominimal: workspace. I promise if you tackle this, you'll see an increase in productivity and creativity! It's also a tough one to follow, keeping a tidy desk can seem like a full time job on its own!

Day 6 of #30daystominimal: (better late than never - fell asleep before I could post this last night!). This one is about sorting through your music collection & figuring out how to minimise it to only the music you love. For me, that meant switching to Spotify since I don't have a lot of space to store CDs. It might look different for you. Put on your fave CD to inspire you while you work ;)

Day 18 of #30daystominimal is a bit off the beaten path: pillows! Brought to you by someone who is in need of a new one. If you've had yours for over a year, evaluate - you may need a new one! Minimalism isn't about having 100 things or 97 things or 33 things - it is about making the things you have count. And I can't think of a (seemingly) teeny item which has the potential to impact your entire day is such a big way!

Day 11 of #30daystominimal: bags! This isn't about throwing out all of your bags - but about editing your bags down only to the ones you love.

Day 9 of #30daystominimal is one of my faves: books! I read all the time, but since I got my Kindle I was able to minimise my book collection to only my favourites.

Day 3: toiletries! This one is easy to forget about, but it's way too easy to accumulate tons of makeup, skincare, and bath products that you no longer use! Simplify your routine & make a little white space in your cabinet: less is more!

Day 25 of #30daystominimal: Floors. Sounds silly, but clear floors have a dramatic impact on the look of your space. Pick up all the clutter (all of it!) and move it to your bed while you vacuum. Don't go to bed until all you have left is the things you love!