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GOOSHNESS: US VOGUE GRACE CODDINGTON'S "The Twenties Story Fashion Shoot" for the September Issue, 2007!

This picture is all the things i like. I don't even know which board to use. It has a nice black dress and a cute little black dog. She pretends is not caring about me but i bet if i get close to her leg she'll will just pet me, and maybe give me a hug. Mmmm... that must be love! :)

Fleamarket Chic by Liz Blauwens and Alexandra Campbell. Not yet available on Amazon, but when it is, I'm getting it!

By Franco Rubartelli, Veruschka, 1964

twenties fashion | Tumblr afternoon tea and cloche hats and gobstopper pearls and fur

Loved the photo, this was the caption: Tauentziengirls, a subsect of the legal prostitutes who reported to the Berlin vice authorities. Usually they were found on Tauentzienstrasse and characterized by their flapper style & skull caps.

The name flapper refers to the fashion trend in the 1920's of women who wore their galoshes unfastened. The noise made when they walked sounded like their boots were flapping. This trend is resurfacing today with young women wearing their boots unfastened as a fashion statement.

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