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Ricky Martin and family

Taurus has one of the highest - if not the highest - sex drive in the zodiac…

That's me with a certain person I can no longer handle.

astrology zodiac signs | Tumblr

I got: You are still full of child-like wonder ! This Inkblot Test Will Reveal If You Think Like A Child

Wondering how to promote individuality in twins? Be aware of twins and identity issues. Learn how to encourage individuality in twins and develop their unique personalities and interests.

provocative-planet-pics-please.tumblr.com We are all stardust but perhaps were also more then that. Ive always had a side fascination with Astrology. Im a Taurus with my ascendant in Leo and a Gemini North Node if anyone was wondering. It started out as just a childs joy reading the Sunday paper comics and the horoscopes for entertainment purposes and later grew into a more scientific enquiry the main question being can the astral bodies at the time of birth truly signify about a persons…

For many years people have been fascinated, if not obsessed with the signs of the zodiac. If not for their daily horoscopes, just to find a meaning to their personality.

Chinese Zodiac - find out the personality traits of each animal

So true! As a child, I gave my mom the death stare and got a huge slap across the face. (o: Fond memories, indeed.

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