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Resultado de imagem para museu do egito

Egypt - Luxor - East bank - Karnak. bath from ptolemaic period

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Painted and gilded cartonnage, with inlaid glass mummy mask. Roman Imperial Period. A.D. 1–50 | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Vintage Postcard 1910s Egyptian Ancient Tomb of Vizier Ptahhotep Mural Decoration at Saqqara by Lehnert & Landrock.

Ancient Egyptian Sculptures, Lot of 2 Vintage 1920s Lehnert & Landrock Photo Postcards Pharaoh Ramesses II at Luxor and XIX Dynasty Princess.

Green-glazed faience amulet of enthroned Anubis. Side view. Late Period. 760–343 B.C. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

~Fragments of inscribed papyrus. Period: Late Period Dynasty: Dynasty XXVI Date: 664 BCE-525 BCE Place of origin: Egypt Medium: papyrus

Faience amulet of Sekhmet. Nubian. Napatan Period. Reign of Tanwetamani. 664–653 B.C. | The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Shabti box of Khabekhent ---- Deir-el-Medina, Thebes (Luxor) / polychrome wood / New Kingdom, 19th Dinasty / Reign of Ramesses II, 1292-1191 BC ---- This box contained the funerary figures of Khabekhent, son of Sennedjem. Khabethent lived in the city of Deir-el-Medina, west of Thebes, in a community of craftsmen who worked on the construction of the Valley of the Kings. His grave was excavated by the Spaniard Eduardo Toda i Güell at the end of the 19th century.