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Funny Toothbrush and Baby-Tooth.. Clink for Free Dental Consultation @ Identalhub

With the spread of dental awareness it has become a necessity to have dental first aid kit at home. It helps us to cope up with dental emergencies during wee hours of the day when dentist is not there to see. Visit for more detail @

If gum abscess is restricted to gums, then it is known as gingival abscess and when the deeper supporting periodontal structures are involved, then it is known as periodontal abscess. Periodontal abscess is commonly involved with deep pockets, furcation and bone defects. Immediate treatment si required for gum abscess. Read more info @ Identalhub

How to Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep??? Children usually tend to grind their teeth. This could be consciously or unconsciously. Usually, parents wonder how to stop their children from grinding their teeth whilst they are asleep. This is in fact a medical as well as a dental concern. Grinding of teeth not only affects the teeth and jaws but all the other structures near it as well and actually, the entire head.

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Wisdom tooth are the last to erupt in oral cavity. They are usually accompanied by severe pain in back molars. Special care has to be taken after wisdom teeth removal like cold compress, mouthwash, flossing and rising with warm saline water.