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Clutter is not a term used in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Clutter is: junk, paperwork, insane amounts of furniture, stuffed drawers, intensely disorganized storage, broken stuff, bad-memories-attached stuff, overflowing shelves and exploding closets. Clutter in a less obvious, but also very disruptive sense, is: an overscheduled life, inboxes overrun with emails, digital files all over the place and the like.

If you can do something effortlessly, why not do it? In this case, we are talking about doing some simple fat loss hacks that take little to no effort to do that will help you shed excess body fat. Let’s check them out. 1. Eat “Real” Food If it doesn’t run, fly, swim, or grow … Read More →

I'm straight and have a Girlfriend but why the flying f*** does a insane mofo look this good

Why Girls Should Not Look Up To Harley Quinn

Bunnies in Sunnies | Cute Rabbits Wearing Sunglasses

10 Insane Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Meditate?

#BunniesinSunnies: 12 Insanely Cute Pics of Rabbits with Sunglasses, Because Why Not?

HPLHS Insanity Certificates (FREE to customize and print off) - I now have a certificate that will "warn" my co-workers of my certified mental condition. Beware!!! :) LOVE THIS!!!

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