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Design de serviços aplicado ao ENEM on Behance

Design de serviços aplicado ao ENEM on Behance

greek mythology meme: [3/7] gods ↳ athena Although her mother’s identity is a subject of great debate, most agree that Athena was born in full battle-gear from Zeus’s head, and gave a mighty war-cry. Her eyes were said to be terrifyingly bright and either grey or blue, and she carried the head of a gorgon on her shield to intimidate and scare her enemies. In any case, Athena was the virgin goddess of wisdom and crafts, but at the same time a goddess of war and heroics.

Flor da Sustentabilidade - ...Ecoturis

GUGUDADA - As Partes do Corpo (animação infantil) - YouTube

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William Pacholski is a psychic who believes in it’s transformative power. As a…

How Can Schools Tap Into Parent Power For the Good of Students? Relationships are everything.

"The Identity Engine is a shit machine that farts and craps its way along its…

No final de 2014 e início de 2015, a equipe da Tuia foi designada para criar a identidade visual e site responsivo do Missão Universitário (MISSU), uma plataforma gratuita que auxilia candidatos a se prepararem para o ENEM e para os vestibulares de univer…