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Whisked Away Into a Magical Fairy Tale

Whisked Away Into a Magical Fairy Tale by Terra Kate

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25 New Scifi and Fantasy Writing Prompts

25 all new scifi and fantasy writing prompts — perfect for short stories, short films, full blown novels and screenplays or even just some quick flash fiction. It's all up to you, and as always, they're licensed under a Creative Commons license. Have fun and please share!

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34 More Scifi and Fantasy Writing Prompts

Get inspired with these Creative Commons, scifi and fantasy writing prompts!


Not infected!

She burst from the tree line, and the moment she saw the group, she threw her hands up and screamed "Not infected!'

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58 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Writing prompt for science fiction story: “Why grieve when you can keep your loved one encased in Forever Glass™?” There's more sci fi writing inspiration on the site.


Not much time.

I jump slightly at her grip, watching her as she shivered slightly digging her fingers into my arm. Then she suddenly smirked, as those beautiful eyes shined a neon color of green pulling me in close to her lips as I blushed slightly "I need a host, I think your body is fit for that." She smirked as I tried to get away it was no use as she kissed me softly and then everything just went black

Sci Fi name generator- This has a ton of really cool names!

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3 Weird Legends for SciFi & Fantasy Writers

I get it. Dragons and wizards are great. But sometimes you want something different. So do agents and publishers. That’s what makes these international folklores so great. Folklore and myths explain the unknowable. They answer the never-ending “why” from knowledge-hungry children. They reassure us when we’re afraid, entertain us when we’re restless, and help us find meaning. Some myths—like …

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Fairy Bay

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