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Serendipity - Described in the dictionary as “the facility of making fortunate discoveries by accident” - “Serendipity”, is a word that has many meanings. It can mean the strange and wonderful way events, people and places collide or connect in life in a way that you feel is “meant to be”..!! There are many paths to follow and many doors to open (if you choose) which lead to different directions in life. It is just a game of chance - the mere roll of a dice or is everything pre-ordained

babylon VBS OMG i taught my kids this today:):) haha King Nebuchadnezzar worshiped this wall which was a fake god :/ we catholics believe in our one true god :) we made our own wall:)

Sassanid plate, Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz, Iran



027-BEGINNINGS-(753BC TO 27BC)-AUGUSTUS:[Revolution in Roman Architecture]- Remains of the Porticus Aemillia- the concrete is used for the construction of the vaults and curtain walls. Rome, 174 BC. Livius (59 BC – AD 17) a Roman historian who wrote a monumental history of Rome and the Roman people, mentioned this complex in his book.

Four scenes from the earliest history of Rome: Aeneas lands in Italy; Romulus and Remus are found; the Capitol is walled in; the battle between the Sabines and the Romans * Livius, 'Histoire romaine' (first part). Paris, c. 1380-1390. Shelf-mark: 71 A 16, fol. 9r