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Serendipity - Described in the dictionary as “the facility of making fortunate discoveries by accident” - “Serendipity”, is a word that has many meanings. It can mean the strange and wonderful way events, people and places collide or connect in life in a way that you feel is “meant to be”..!! There are many paths to follow and many doors to open (if you choose) which lead to different directions in life. It is just a game of chance - the mere roll of a dice or is everything pre-ordained

Byzantium sea walls rebuilt c. 203. Near the Bosphorus strait. From

Day 1: Tower (Tokyo Ghoul) by on @DeviantArt

Josephine Wall Fantasy Art | Josephine Wall : Featured Artists : Home : Fantasy and mystical art ...

The Ishtar Gate (Babylon) - now in Berlin Museum. So beautiful, yet sad that it is no longer in its original location.

Wall mounted pet dish for small to tall size dog by drip module .bathroom.

The website offers articles on ancient history. We are currently improving the site, which has more than 3650 pages. At the momen...

In ca. 80 CE, the Yuezhi nomads or Kushans took over the area. Again, Taxila was refounded, this time even further to the north. This third town is known as Sirsukh (satellite photo). It must have looked like a large military base. The wall is 5 kilometers long and no less than 6 meters thick. From now on, Taxila was visited by Buddhist pilgrims from countries as far as Central Asia and China. There were many sanctuaries and monasteries in the neighborhood, like Jaulian and Mohra Moradu.