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E não é mesmo ?! lol

Yessss! I've always thought sandwiches made by others tasted better than my own. Even if we were using the same stuff. lol

It's cute that they're the same age lol #twice

My boyfriend is going to love this and kill me at the same time because of all the candy lol

First pre school crush. Mmm hmmmm. No one else the same. Jem is her name. Lol. DAF.

NWT Flora Kung silk jersey Jemina wrap print dress Same print (but not the dress, she wore Eddie dress in same print) as Kate M. wore and photographed in lol Flora Kung Dresses

LOL..back at almost the same spot 9 + hours later ..still not too bad..day almost done..Walton Blvd. .Bentonville, Ar 2/18/17

Friends..lol who share the same hair holy wow. See her now

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