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Explora José Alberto, Uruguai José e outros!

José Mujica – Uruguai

Poor are not those who have little, are those who want much. I do not live in poverty, I live with austerity, with renunciation. Need little to live. José "Pepe" Mujica. Former President Of The Republic Of Uruguay ~ Free Generation

Lucas Papademos, ex presidente do BCE, aceitou o pais ser monitarado pelo FMI, substituiu Papandreou

José Mujica, presidente de Uruguay en la ONU: El discurso que hizo Historia

Felipe Calderón – México

Mubarak Egito.

Rafael Correa – no E cu a dor é maior ?

Sivas Kangal Yavrusu Fiyatları

Authoritarianism is the Real Mental Illness: People in Power and in Government are the Nut Cases

Juan Manuel Santos – Colômbia

The rhetoric of Bashar al-Assad — A year of protest and killing in Syria has resulted in the deaths of about 9,000 people. Activists show no signs of backing down, as President Bashar al-Assad has said on many occasions.