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Getting ready for #EH2013! What will you do save the planet? #IWIYW #EarthHour #filming

Look who announced her #IWIYW challenge today? Our ambassador @NadyaHutagalung will plant 100 baby trees IF 20 shopping centers in Singapore go #1degreeUp! Video to follow soon

H.E. Antony Phillipson from the British High Commission in Singapore filming his #IWIYW! @ukinsingapore #EarthHour #EH2013 #YourPlanet. He will plant an Earth Hour Tree at Eden Hall (the High Commissioner's residence) if 100 British companies in #Singapore join the Earth Hour community.

The statement - image by @rkarlts in Indonesia. What are you willing to do to save the planet? All our actions, both big and small, add up to change the world we live in. Take an image of you completing your own #IWIYW challenge or one you accepted for #EarthHour 2012. Dare the World to Save the Planet

In #Singapore, the focus for this year's #IWIYW campaign for #EarthHour 2013 is to go #1degreeUp. Air conditioning accounts for up to 60% of energy use in buildings in Singapore. For a tropical country, the colder the temperature is set at, the more energy it uses. If we set our air conditioners at the recommended 24degrees, we can save energy and reduce our personal carbon footprint. Like Earth Hour, it's a simple action that we can all do, but this also helps us go beyond the hour.

Image by @idfnadesk in Samarinda, Indonesia. Please join us on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 PM for #EarthHour. Change this big needs you. It needs every one of us.

Ashima & Noelle from Ourbetterworld.org's #IWIYW challenge for #EH2013. Ashima promises to stop using takeaway containers if Noelle stops using disposable water bottles. #earthhour #yourplanet

I like YOUMedia's whiteboard tree. Kids can write on the trunk and look at images on the digital picture frames. Replace picture frames with iPads? :)

Our team in #Kuwait getting ready for next week! #IWIYW is taking place in more than 50 countries around the world this year, helping to inspire more actions beyond the hour. Nearly 150 countries and territories are officially taking part in the world's largest mass participation event, #EarthHour 2013. Make sure you follow the journey in the next week, because we have some surprises in store for you... Image by @KT4GW

Check out @crowthercollective's incredible images from his #IWIYW 25 day Himalaya trek. Ashely did the trek to raise awareness of global glacier retreat. Accept his challenge and take part in the #YourPlanet project on #Instagram to inspire a better world.

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