Explora Fantasy 1940, Fantasia De Disney e outros!


Disney's Fantasia 2000, Firebird Suite. Go watch it on youtube if you haven't seen it before!

Found a better pic. Joy embodied. Fantasia 2000, The Firebird Suite.

I will admit that I have a supremely unnatural love for disneys fantasia

Disney's Fantasia (1940) Introducing me to classical music and cherubs all at the same time.

Fantasia (1940) ~ At the beginning of the Chinese Dance segment of "The Nutcracker Suite," Hop Low, the little mushroom, does a little jump while criss-crossing his legs. Animator Art Babbitt got the idea from The Three Stooges - it's one of Curly Howard's signature moves.

*CENTUARETTE ~ Fantasia, 1940

*CENTAURETTE CENTAUR ~ Fantasia (1940)

disney's fantasia unicorns | BABY PEGASUS ~ Fantasia, 1940 | Unicorns and dragons

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