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Love this by our friend @andrearhowey: Be free to be as generous as you possibly can. You'll wonder at times if those on the other end of your hand really need your time help money resources or encouragement as much as you may need it yourself. Don't get into the trap of trying to judge if people are worthy or not of your generous encouragement. You are your Father's daughter your Father's son and just as He has poured out His help love grace and kindness so generously to us we should freely…

No sunshine today here in Connecticut but it's still a blessing to rise and shine and get my day started. Hope you have a great day! by therusticlife

I woke up this morning feeling really discouraged like no matter how hard I try I can't be enough or do enough or have enough. The negative thoughts crashed through my head: not cute enough bubbly enough or funny enough...and the list tore on. I know better than to listen to or believe the lies but friends sometimes it's HARD. I rifled through the lies until I found this truth and this is what I'm clinging to today. That there's a purpose and a plan for my life and that purpose and that plan…

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So thankful to God for all of the sisters we have through Kappa Phi- to remind us how beautiful we truly are when we feel down, to be messengers and share His love and word with one another in tough times. We may not have been sisters by birth, but that's what makes it even better- We are sisters by choice, and sisters in Christ Jesus and that is the most beautiful thing we can all continue to share with each other! <3

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Are You Not Interested In Dating Anymore?

Date yourself, learn to first fall in love with real you. If your looking to date just to feel validation, self worth & happiness, you can soon find an other person can't do enough to ever completely you. First find out who God says you are & accept his love, he is the only one who mend the brokenness & fill your emptiness within you heart.

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