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I'm sorry but this is ridiculous! No one should be arrested for showing affection. #freethegirls

Yeah I told someone that I'd pray for them before because their mom had ovarian cancer and they were like "you don't have to do that." I just stopped talking to them after that. I wonder how she's doing...

Preach it! Buckle up, time for more republiKKKan destruction. Worse than EVER before, WATCH and see for yourself.

I would do all the crazy stuff, but pretend it was movies on a network TV channel named "Doll TV". So whenever I would start to play or would get back from the bathroom or whatever, I would act like a commercial break had just ended, and I would have to say Doll TV's slogan: "Our mouths may not move, but our movies have groove!"

Sally & Paul <<< yayyyy im so glad they wrote it so that paul understood <3 thank the gods

Lapis laughing at her own self-deprecating joke <<<<< Peridot is laughing too 😂😂

Absolutely amazing Fantastic Beasts fan art! Glad the artist put their signature in the corner as I don't know where the original link is. Credence... oh I want to hug you and then go absolutely murder that awful women. Again.

Ditch your privileged smugness and LISTEN TO THE REST OF US WITH EMPATHY. If you can't, then just don't say a word.