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Rede Globo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

THE ONLY ONES - maybe for "Lovers of Today" 1977 Vengeance promo poster.. Gotta be before CBS/EPIC years. They started out in 1974-5 as ENGLAND'S GLORY - rules! Junk Shop Glam take on LOU REED & singer PETER PERRETT's friend JOHNNY THUNDERS.. original version of "City of Fun" & more out now on HOZAC.. w V.I.P.'s //SPOOKY TOOTH drummer & bass player for Scottish MOD band THE BEATSTALKERS! PETER PARRETT bio is a great read if you like "Please Kill Me"& Rock n' Roll excess in general.

1974 - Barcode was first used on a Wrigley chewing gum

Year when the first bar code was used, on a pack of Wrigley chewing gum.

Dark Side of Typography

Limited editon- driller - #tshirt typography #grey tshirt. SIMILAR ITEMS => https://www.sunfrog.com/Names/Limited-editon-driller-1696-Charcoal-Hoodie.html?68278

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Made in 1958 - Aged to Perfection - #tshirt typography #hoodie fashion. MORE INFO => https://www.sunfrog.com/Birth-Years/Made-in-1958--Aged-to-Perfection-76184082-Guys.html?68278

ITS A BRYON THING YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND - #gifts for guys #gift for women. BUY TODAY AND SAVE => https://www.sunfrog.com/Names/ITS-A-BRYON-THING-YOU-WOULDNT-UNDERSTAND-46868242-Guys.html?68278

Made in 1995 - 2016 Version - #tshirt typography #red hoodie. I WANT THIS => https://www.sunfrog.com/Birth-Years/Made-in-1995--2016-Version-3078-Black-41145088-Hoodie.html?68278

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