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Alright. Let's talk about this. Photo I got a mug from Maine super cute bday card sublime stitching fine tip transfer pen ( something I've wanted for months) sugar free gum and mints Wonder Clips temp tattoos adorable little clips tape measure that is the same as the one I already have. I love that pink. :) Mid century coloring book the only gray you need 3799 varigated floss which I didn't have ANY of before and a necklace that says "Be Weirder". And that's only the beginning…

I've been spending my hours working on my costume but I did manage to get this in the books. Pattern by @urbanthreadsemb machine stitching by me. On second thought. It needs a black hoop. @embroidery_instaguild #embroideryinstaguild #makestuff #halloween #everydayishalloween #artshow #machineembroidery #freemotion #embroideryhoopart

I went shopping for Halloween decor for the kids bday party and ended up with these little cauldrons. Tape measure wonderclips and marking pens. #cantnot. #makestuff #everydayishalloween

#eppeverywhere #epp #englishpaperpiecing #makestuff

Mommie's first iPhone. I'm super excited for the camera. #geeked #6s

I blogged. After 11 months. I'm back! Link in profile. #woot #makestuff

My last #bestbirthdayeverswap package came from @momoffire and its another amazing box of goodies!!! Zombie shirt mad men CD!!! tape tilesthread organizer handmade wristlits Halloween charms super cute sewing machine fabric and Steal Like an Artist book. Another thing I've been eyeballin but haven't picked up. Thank you so much @momoffire !!!!

Art show! #artshow ! I'm super excited about this Halloween show that I'm doing with some great artists. My huzbin @jeffmillies my bestie @anomalyalamode my homie @dadasoulface! Come see us and the other bad ass weirdo artists on this our most loved of holidays! Open range in Plano Il.

The to do list I made last week is #ontheblog today as a free printable. Link in bio. :).

One thing I got done today is creating a To Do list based on how much time I have. A minute? Throw clothes in the dryer. A little bit? Get some fabrics together. A while? Figure out that doily pattern. Would anyone be Interested in this as a free printable? It pro ted 4 to a 8.5x11 sheet.