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Oatmeal and coffee is my definition of life Yesterday was so nice as we spent the whole day outside causally biking through the neighbourhoods until we got to the death end of town (read: the smelly high way) so we biked back and had lunch. Today is study day but a little bit of chocolate cake baking has never hurt anyone right? #multitasking4life #vegan

It had been a wonder-filled day. I would venture to say I was having a mountain-top day with a beautiful drive through the mountains of North Georgia, lunch with a sweet Sista that I met online through the blog of Living Proof Ministries and then a stop at my favorite store that has no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. Yes, life was grand. My perfectly scheduled day was working according to my plan. I remember getting in my car and saying a little extra prayer for God’s protective hand to…

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Healthy Soft Old-Fashioned Iced Oatmeal Cookies

These Healthy and Soft Old-Fashioned Iced Oatmeal Cookies remind me of my childhood and reaching for Grandma's cookie jar. At least with this batch, they're a little lighter, but you'll never know it by how good they taste. Click through to get the easy recipe and start baking today!

When my friend Aaron moved to Seattle, WA a few years back, we kept in touch through snail mail. He typed up his grandmother's banana bread recipe on his typewriter, mailed it to me and I've made i...

I have been sick of having salads for the past week and really feel like being a little bit more adventurous this week. I was going through #paleo in Instagram and came across a chicken ballotine recipe. Rolling up chicken butterfly chicken breast with cling wraps stuffed with whatever you want didn’t sound too hard for me. So I attempted, and failed. I still managed to save my chicken ballotine and turned it into a “Sesame Crusted Chicken Sandwich Stuffed with Chorizo, Onions, Spinach and…


School Lunch Day 90: Hot Oatmeal and Muffins

It's Day 90 of school for us. Do the math. That means we are half way through the school year! Half way to 180 days! Schools do all kinds of stuff around the 100th day now (which was not at all a thing when I was in school), but personally I think the 90th day should be celebrated. We made it half way! One more half to go! It's like the big hump day. It's all down hill from here. But for some reason my kids didn't seem to understand why this got me so excited. Oh well, maybe it's just…

Cheese and roasted grapes. Easy appetizer

Anyone else up for #Ramen Monday? Blackened Miso Salmon Ramen by @saltbyjames. This is a super quick & easy #recipe! Get the recipe and 30+ more similar recipes from the Noodle Soup Feed on our WEBSITE, ⭐️Remember to share your cooking, baking, and drink making by tagging "#feedfeed @thefeedfeed" for a chance to be featured here and on our site!

Fig, Tahini, & Honey Overnight Oats