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Explora Doesn T, Australiano e outros!

It doesn't get more Australian than this!

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Traveling on a Budget in Comfort - From Beginner to Ninja

We’ve been budget travelers since our 20s. In the beginning, we thought about budget travel in terms of hostels and taking public transportation. However, as we’ve become more experienced travelers, we’ve found a whole new side to traveling on the cheap, and one that doesn’t involve sacrificing comfort. Here are our tips to becoming a budget travel ninja!

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BMW's motorcycle of the future doesn't require a helmet

BMW's motorcycle of the future doesn't require a helmet - The Motorrad Vision Next 100 would use self-balancing tech to keep you safe.

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Osmosis Lesson, Cell Transport

This is a Cell Transport Flow Chart. Materials that move through the cell can use active or passive transport. Passive Transport doesn't use energy such as in osmosis and simple diffusion. Materials go from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. Active transport uses energy and goes from low concentrations to high against the gradient. -Enjoy! Science from Murf LLC

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Pastel heart Corset

devilishiousness pastel color harness

It's actual canon in the comics that Natasha was trained in the Red Room by the Winter Soldier. That's freaking adorable though.

Russian, Alexey Egorov. His creative work features a sense of theme whilst at the same time echoes symbolic realism and combines an Art Nouveau artistic flavor. Alexey’s artworks are simply amazing …

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HIS Word Ring, Wire Word Ring, Non Tarnish Silver Plated Wire

Word Ring, Wire Word Ring Adjustable HIS Non Tarnish Silver Plated Wire on Etsy, $13.00


Muscle car Monday doesn’t follow the rules (28 HQ Photos)

Plymouth Duster