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University of Stuttgart in Germany have brought a new twist to the idea: the first tower made entirely out of living trees. The “baubotanical” building, which measures 9 meters high with a base area of 8 square meters, is made up of hundreds of White Willow plants, which will eventually fuse together to form a single, giant mega tree.

rl_shortcut_03 Raumlabor

Raumlaborberlin, propose for "Todays Art Festival" in The Hague, a structure entirely made out of discarded materials, the vortex structure express the idea of a natural force that sucks everything in its path | "The vortex" thus becomes a materialization and temporary solidification of the local material flows | using three containers full of wood pallets and a lot of creativity you can build such small temporal places with a plus: they are cheaper and gets original facades *)

El 20 de noviembre asistí con ella, a la intervención artística de Tatzu Nishi. El lugar escogido por el artista japones fue la torre de la Iglesia de San Francisco.

The J-Walk Blog: Stacked Tables


bb1 Raumlabor

Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin has built a 25 by 10 foot tall "stained glass" water tower formed from nearly 1,000 colorful salvaged plexiglass pieces gathered from all over NYC.

Arquitetos criam "árvore de basquete" na França

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