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Lying is never good! Please don't lie on people...Especially to try & make yourself look better! The truth always comes out! So you may as well be honest & be set free! Plus lying is sooooo exhausting ☕️

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Yes. My only regret was my delivery but what I said was true and that's why it pisses you off so much. The truth hurts, I understand that.

Mea maxima culpa! Get the fun little book "Focuscrime" from http://productiveluddite.com/products/tpl-focuscrime-maxims-and-mantras-for-recovering-multitaskers-and-the-desperately-distracted

Às vezes, você apenas precisa de uma pausa . em um lugar bonito. sozinho . para descobrir tudo .

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Your jealousy of my life is flattering, but it reflects your ignorance. Please mind your business.

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