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#abandoned #decayingbeauty "You see an abandoned church. I see pews filled with people. Music flows freely from the organ pipes. Fresh flowers on the altar and prayers in each heart." - from 'Perspective' by Conchetta Marucci _____________________________________ Another view from inside the old, abandoned church (previous 2 posts) and its broken, decimated organ.

#beautifuldecay #abandoned "...and because wood absorbs sound it is easy to believe that every voice that ever raised song or prayer in this church survives in the oak, ingrained like trunk rings that ripple out from some long-back beginning." - from 'Abandoned Churches on Goshen Creek' by Ron Rash _______________________________________ Ruined interior of church in previous post.

#beautifuldecay #abandoned This is a little shop in an old building on the main street of a small Oklahoma town. For whatever reason, the shopkeeper locked the door on the fully-stocked shop & walked away several years ago. Photo by veraviola_vintage on Instagram

#abandoned #beautifuldecay One of the boarded-up doorways on the back of the abandoned Baker Hotel. Ferns & moss grow riotously from the brick & stone.

""The town that once was Is no more, No more people living here. The gold and the whisky Has long ago run out." ~ 'The Mining Town' by Randall Tipton {#colorado #miningtown #abandoned #relic #fallingdown #ruin #ramshackle} Old abandoned shack near Leadville, CO. Love the turquoise paint still hanging on..." Photo taken by @veraviola_vintage on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (08/19/2014)

#abandoned #ruined #farmhouse Photo by Margie House, edit by veraviola_vintage on Instagram

#beautifuldecay "All that is uncared for. Left alone in the stillness in that pure silence married to the stillness of nature. A door off its hinges, shade and shadows in an empty room. Leaks for light. Raw where the tin roof rusted through." - from 'Elegance' by Linda Gregg _____________________________________ Abandoned cobblestone cottage in the Wichita Mountains

#beautifuldecay #ivy "To look at anything, If you would know that thing, You must look at it long... You must enter in To the small silences between The leaves, You must take your time And touch the very peace They issue from." ~ John Moffitt _______________________________________ Accepting the door challenge from my dear friend @aprilsloves --- this double one graces an abandoned building on the Main Street of Coyle, OK (population just over 300). Photo taken by @veraviola_vintage on…

""I love the abandon / of abandoned things / I love the openness / of things no longer viable / I sense their shameless / slow unbuttoning… ” ~ Michael Coady {#abandoned #hauntingbeauty #haunted #house #farm #farmhouse #desolate #weathered #oklahoma #ruin} Abandoned farmhouse near Stillwater, OK" Photo taken by @veraviola_vintage on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (10/10/2014)

"#abandoned #ghosttown Photo by @veraviola_vintage on Instagram

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