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Determine an Author's Point of View and Purpose through Analysis of his/her Rhetoric and Style (Common Core Standard 11-12.RI.6) | Reading: Informational Text | Learnist

Annotated Text Poster designs and Annotated Text Reference Sheet

Students can struggle with reading for a variety of reasons: rich vocabulary, lack of background knowledge, the author's writing style. To scaffold difficult texts, teach students to annotate through the gradual release process.

I’ve been pretty busy last week and this week preparing for the first day of school and setting up my classroom. I’ve actually NEVER had my own classroom so this is all new to me…

A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Argumentative Writing | Cult of Pedagogy

Differentiated Point of View Task Cards~The task cards TEACH and REVIEW comparing firsthand and secondhand information, the points of view of characters, author's purpose, and how point of view affects the description of events. Students get thorough practice to help them respond to Common Core Standards RL.6 and RI.6 effectively.

More on Close Reading Strategies. Common Core State Standards Toolbox: English Language Arts and Literacy

Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures: Cootie Catchers, Math Posters, and More!

RAFT - method for analyzing text-never thought to use it this way.

Argument writing, narrative writing, and informative writing, the three Common Core writing types, are easy to teach using strong mentor texts and a step-by-step process. This highly rated writing bundle includes everything you needto teach Common Core argumentative, narrative, and informative writing!

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