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O que te MOTIVA ? Para tudo o que fazemos existe um motivo.

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O fracasso não é quando caímos

Near and far, many nonprofits deal everyday with disadvantaged childhood and kids living in need and neglect. Kudos to their work: because bringing back one, just one child’s smile, is a reward that pays back every effort made. (image: neurocrescimento.wordpress.com)

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Chocolate Bananas and Caffeinated Quiet: Study finds caffeine consumption by mother has little effect on newborn's sleep patterns.

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of kidney stones so you can properly diagnose your kidney stones and remove them from your body.

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MATERIALES .- Imágenes para hablar: Libro 1. Basado en la teoría de la mente y partiendo de una imagen, se trata de completar los “bocadillos”, bien a nivel oral o escrito, relacionándolo con rutinas, experiencias, situaciones vividas… http://arasaac.org/materiales.php?id_material=1179


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