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LONG ISLAND ICE TEA | O drink dos nigga, um clássico do rap americano. Reza a lenda que foi esse drink que matou o 2Pac. | Ingredientes: Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour e Coca-Cola.

Cappucino, latte ou macchiato,...bien connaître son café

Good to know stuff. For coffee lovers, really.

4th of July All American Jello Shots -

All American Jello Shots! Gotta love the Red, White and Blue! For the recipe, visit us here:

Panera Mac & Cheese

Alright folks, this is **THE** recipe for Panera’s Mac & Cheese. I got it from their website a while back when they posted it for a short time! You MUST try this Panera’s Mac & Cheese Recipe.

Drink Recipes | Sweet Revenge. Tried this as shots this weekend, will try the drinks next weekend!

ESPRESSO CLASSICS. Trying each one is easy. Picking your favorite won't be. DOPPIO: Two shots of espresso. Straight. AMERICANO: Shots of espresso and filtered hot water. ESPRESSO MACCHIATO: Shots of espresso minimally marked with steamed milk foam. FLAT WHITE: Ristretto espresso shots rise to the surface with velvety steamed whole milk. CAPPUCCINO: A shot of espresso topped with a deep layer of foamed milk. LATTE: A shot of espresso in steamed milk lightly topped with foam.

Iced Latte vs. Iced Americano

Although both drinks start with rich shots of espresso, the difference between these iced favorites comes down to milk or water. An Iced Latte is creamier and sweeter, whereas an Iced Americano is bolder.

American Girl Doll Drinks!

American Girl Doll Drinks! DIY: They are so simple, small plastic glass, cute fruit erasers, clear glass beads to look like ice cubes, and coffee stirrers for the straws, and clear tacky glue poured o

Fourth of July drink @lisazaura !!!