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Forth Hortaliças 400 g

FORTH Hortaliças é um fertilizante completo, com todos os macronutrientes e micronutrientes essenciais para suprir as necessidades da sua horta.

Dahlia Que Sera - Grow healthy Dahlias with GrowBest from

Time To Make Your Christmas Cake

How to improve your garden soil

guacamole hosta, fastest growing and easiest to grow in sun and shade!! love the color

Siting your compost pile inside the run is a good idea 4 U & your hens - just don't put anything in your compost that will make them sick & watch out 4 mold. Aged chicken manure is 1 of the best kinds of organic fertilizers 4 the garden. It encourages lush green growth & a little goes a long way. Chicken manure speeds up the composting process & makes the resulting compost even more nutritious 4 plants & soil organisms. Getting started with chickens - Tanya from Lovely Greens

Growing Lupine

Growing Lupine is easy. Make a nice background plant because they are tall 16"-24"

How green is a self-contained composting toilet?

Composting toilet ~ every bit of 'waste' is simply lost opportunity. :D

Trench Composting

Trench Composting | Jodeze Home and Garden

Phlox 'David' --- pure white, fragrant summertime flowers that bring butterflies to your yard. Zones 4-8

A Prayer for When You Feel Like Giving Up on Marriage

Mistakes have a way of fertilizing the soul like nothing else can-when a person allows it.