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BOM HUMOR :) / Este homem foi pego olhando para Taylor Swift.... Mais uma da…

Wait I know that name... was he an advocate for education? Or something in my US history class..

Haha we all know he's upset about it I saw on the news before they cut him off how he was like well a good percentage didn't vote and this is what happens when ya don't vote etc. I rather have had neither

First of all, this is totally me. My mom says I have cat feet. I walk around normal, and half the time people don't notice I just walked by. Also, the ghost part is a good writing prompt.

When Shawn Spencer takes up a new occupation <-- Oh my goodness, that caption! :D

ASDFGHJKL////, 707 verson here Zen verson here Baehee ver Jumeow...

Honestly disappointed that the audience booed him. It's not like Trump's plan is to eject every person that wasn't born here from the USA. They have no problem with LEGAL immigrants and I think that's where the disconnect lies.

12x05 "The One You've Been Waiting For"

It does my heart good. Finally the Good Guys won! -Make America Great Again!