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Queen of Pentacles

Northern Shadows Tarot

Sota de Oros, or the Page of Pentacles from the Tarot Lukumi, a Santería-themed deck based on the Thoth. This deck was created by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini, and published by Dal Negro.

Baralhos para Conhecer: Terapêuticos

Card of the Day: Queen of Pentacles from Robin Wood Tarot ~ Grounding and healing are the keywords today. Work on setting your intentions towards keeping yourself focused and productive as there is much to be done in regards to your healing work. This may take the form of physical, mental or emotional healing but we all have wounds that need attention. As you heal yourself, you will begin to see how to bring that same attention to others as well to help them.

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Two of Crystals | Inner Child Cards by Isha Lerner: Click to learn more

Desenho de Otto Dix, um alemão da Primeira Guerra, quando na trincheiras de Flandres, Bélgica.

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